Teaching: Sexual Immorality & Divorce Matthew 5:27-32

  1. It’s not just about what you do
  2. Purity is the priority
  3. Marriage is not malleable

Teaching: Committing Murder in Your Heart Matthew 5:21-26

  1. What is commonly believed is this: Anger is OK, Murder is not. (v. 21)
  2. But Jesus teaches us this: Anger in every form is the same as Murder. (v. 22)
  3. Application- Reconcile with your Brother. (23-26)
  4. Application- Settle conflict with unbelievers. (v. 25-26)

“We must not think that because we are not on death row, we do not deserve to be. We may not have murdered anyone, but we may have allowed anger toward another person to feed a root of bitterness in our hearts. Perhaps it is time to kill the root and restore the relationship. Until we do, we are the offender in need of the very mercy we are withholding.” – Daryl Crouch.[1]


[1] http://erlc.com/resource-library/articles/7-practices-to-help-heal-your-angry-heart

(I apologize for the mistake- Daryl Crouch is a he not a she).

Sermon: The Armor of the World or The Armor of God 1 Samuel 17:31-40

  1. In our weakness we step out in faith (c. 31-33)
  1. In our weakness we point to the Lord’s power to deliver (v. 34-37)
  1. In our weakness we rely on the Lord’s power to deliver (v. 37-40)
  1. In our weakness Jesus is the greater David.

Gay Marriage and the End of the World (As we Know it)

One year later…

The news is out: the Supreme Court around 10 am on Friday June 26 declared gay marriage a constitutional right.[1]  This decision has been much anticipated and will go down in history as the Roe v. Wade of marriage.  Though the outcome was largely expected, many are being caught by surprise considering the rapid pace of the cultural shift leading up to this massive decision.  It was not that long ago (2008) that Barack Obama won his first presidential election opposed to same sex marriage.  It was not until April of this year that Hillary Clinton herself changer her position of gay marriage as being a constitutional right [2] having first retracted her opposition to gay relationships even later than Obama in 2013.[3] (most Republicans will follow soon enough).  We should not panic, as far as I know it is not the literal end of the world, but things are…

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