How to be an Exemplary Husband or Wife

Do you have the same view of marriage that God does?  In Genesis, God created man in His image; He also created all of the animals and had the man name each of them.  But a suitable helper was not found among any of them.  So God created woman from man.  And in so doing, God established an order to His creation.  He didn’t create multiple wives or another man to be his partner, but a woman.  This eliminates the question as to whether or not other marital options exist (polygamy, homosexuality, etc.; see Rom 1: 24-27, 1 Cor 6:9).  And there in the garden, the pattern is established: a man shall leave his father and mother and they shall become one flesh.  What were once two separate individuals, one unit now exists.

But what are the roles for each and what are some ways we can determine we are living up to them?  Ask yourself the following questions and invite your spouse to do the same:

WIFE (see 1 Pet 3:1-6, Eph 5:22-24)

(1) Would your husband consider you to be submissive?  Would your friends say the same (who see your relationship with him)?

(2) Do you find it difficult to submit to God and His Word?

(3) Do you spend more time in primping (putting on makeup, buying clothing) than you do with the Lord (prayer, Bible reading, church)?

HUSBAND (see 1 Pet 3:7, Eph 5:25-33)

(1) Would your wife say you understand her or at least try to?  Do you listen to her, prefer her, continue to regularly get to know her and her heart or have you grown callous as if there’s nothing left to know?

(2) Do you love your wife as Christ loved you (sacrificially, helping her grow in holiness, speaking the truth of God’s Word to her)?

(3) Do you love your wife as much as you love yourself?  Do you nourish and cherish your relationship with her?

TO BOTH: In what ways have you embraced the cultural view of marriage (ex. – convenient, self-focused, conditioned on feelings of love) rather than the biblical one?

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