Three Ways Any Christian Can Practice Hospitality

(1) Invite Church Members To Your Home: In the book Transformational Church, the authors say, “People are not just looking for a ‘friendly church,’ they’re hungry for friends.”  As you depart for Sunday lunch, consider the possibility of continuing your fellowship in a more intimate setting.  A simple practice to begin, is to sit down with the church directory regularly and determine whom you might bless (and be blessed) by spending time together.  This provides a practical way to carry out the command to be hospitable (1 Pet 4:9).  Worship and fellowship corporately with the body is oftentimes made sweeter through the fulfillment of this command.  Its neglect often results in coldness, superficiality, or both.

(2) Invite Neighbors To Share and Show Christ: The second greatest commandment (after loving God) is, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mat 22:39).  To fulfill this, we must show love and hospitality to those God has placed near us.  But like the Pharisee, we may ask, “Who is my neighbor?”  Start by taking the word literally and reach out to those in your neighborhood and anyone God brings to your attention. Your home provides you a venue to not only tell a lost neighbor about the love of Christ, but show him as well.  Christ did not come to earth on the weekend to die for your sins and return immediately to the father, but dwelt among us.  Likewise, he does not save the believer, and take him immediately out of the world, but leaves him as a witness to those whom he dwells near.

(3) Invite Visitors At Church To Lunch: Tim Chester, in his book A Meal with Jesus, says, “In the ministry of Jesus, meals were enacted grace, community, and mission … they embody and enact our mission.  Community and mission are more than meals, but it’s hard to conceive of them without meals.”  The act of sharing a meal with others breaks down barriers, cultivates friendships, and embodies grace.  In Luke, Jesus was often described as either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. The universal and timeless truth that everyone needs to eat has not changed over the millennium.  Break bread; share and show Christ.