A review of the book of 1 Peter

We just finished going through 1 Peter on Sunday mornings.  Here is the outline of everything we saw from this book.  Peter calls us to stand firm in this…

I. Called to Salvation as Exiles (1:1-2:10)
1:1-9 Born Again Exiles
1:10-16 The Christian’s Privilege (advantage over prophets/angels) & Responsibility (hope/holiness)
1:17-25 The Christian’s Relation to God (fear) & One Another (love)
2:1-8 Spiritual Milk (long for the Word) & Living Stones (live as part of the church)
2:9-10 God’s Priests (how God sees you)
II. Live as Aliens in a Hostile World to Bring God Glory (2:11-4:11)
2:11-12 The World’s Exiles (how the world sees you)
2:13-21a The Christian’s Call: Subjection, Not Revolution
2:21b-25 The Imitation of Christ (example/substitute)
3:1-7 Exemplary Husbands (understand) & Wives (submit)
3:8-12 A Life Well Spent (live in community/deal with evil)
3:13-17 A Christian Apologetic (suffer/defend the faith)
3:18-22 Christ Triumphant Through Suffering (death/proclamation) & Judgment (resurrection/ascension)
4:1-6 Living in the World (suffering, but saved from judgment)
4:7-11 Living in Light of the End (the end is at hand: think rightly to pray, love covers sin, show hospitality, use your gifts)
III. Persevere in Suffering (4:12-5:14)
4:12-19 Expect Suffering
5:1-5 The Church’s Leadership (shepherd/humility) & You (humility)
5:6-14 Living Under the Mighty Hand of God (know your place [humility/dependence], know enemy & deliverer, stand firm)