The kingdoms of this world leading up to Christ


If you’ll notice in the graphic above, I put a question mark for the fall of Rome.  Should we consider its fall in 476 A.D. when the Western empire fell to the barbarians from the north; do we consider its fall in 1435 A.D. when the Eastern Empire fell to the Turks; or does it still exist in the hierarchy/papacy of the Roman Catholic Church?  Regardless of how you answer that question, the fourth kingdom—as all previous kingdoms—has or will be broken to pieces by the stone—by Christ (Luke 20:18) if they refuse to submit to His rule.  God’s kingdom breaks all other kingdoms, and then grows until it fills the earth.  That growth is still happening: over two millennia it has practically filled the earth, until it will one day be complete.  What are you doing to bring that kingdom: praying, growing, witnessing, or idly waiting?  Go, send, or be disobedient; there’s no other choice.