What the Pastor did for the last 6 weeks at the Air Force Chaplain Corps College

To the Saints at Faith Baptist Church,

Grace and peace to you.  I thank my God always for you in my prayers, praising Him for the privilege of being back with you and for you having called me to serve you.  Knowing Colin, I am certain he served you well.  Thank you for allowing him that great experience.  I further thank you for the opportunity I had to be away.  I’ve learned a lot, and have hopefully grown.  You may be wondering what it was I’ve been doing these past six weeks.  I attended the Air Force Chaplain Corps College for basic chaplain training.  Some of the highlights of the course include the following:

–        Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling—I learned skills in helping others find solutions to their problems.

–        Leadership Skills Training

–        Sexual Assault Awareness and Domestic Violence Pastoral Response Training

–        Marriage Care Counseling

–        Crisis Response—I learned to operate in a field environment to those in crisis in both combat and disaster scenarios.

–        Preaching to a diverse group of Protestant Chaplains to include Lutheran, Episcopal, Anglican, Unitarian, Fundamentalist Baptist, Evangelical Alliance, and Seventh-Day Adventist

–        Ministering to enlisted Chaplain Assistants alongside Catholic priests, a Jewish Rabbi, and various aforementioned Protestant ministers.

–        Preaching one Sunday at the church I was ordained in, at Charleston, SC.

–        And I promoted to Captain!

Thank you again for this enriching opportunity.  I hope that this experience proves to be not only beneficial to my ministry to military, but you here at Faith as well.

Yours heartily,
Jeremy Caskey