Daniel’s 70 weeks

There are so many different views as to how to interpret Daniel’s 70 weeks that I couldn’t even begin to represent them all here.  But here are two that I believe are plausible.  I hope these charts help…

(1) Daniel’s 70 Weeks (a symbolic amount of time):
70 weeks (symbolic)




This symbolic view is the one that I am most convinced of as it best fits what is being described in the passage.  Further, as prophetic interpretation is highly symbolic, there’s no reason to believe that this time frame has to be a literal amount of time.  However, there is much that is commendable of the 70 weeks (or as many believe, ‘weeks of years’) taking place in a literal 490 years.  If that is the case, then I believe the following chart is plausible.

(2) Daniel’s 70 Weeks (a literal amount of time):

70 weeks (literal)





In both cases I am convinced that this prophecy is speaking primarily of Christ (9:24-27), with Antichrist mentioned only at the end of verse 27, contra other views.  Please note that Daniel 9 never tells us when or how the 70th week ends.  Perhaps, it would be best not to speculate (as I have).