An outline of Daniel’s 4th and Final Vision

I wanted to give you an outline of Daniel’s fourth and final vision to help you sort through all that is contained therein.  What we study today (Dan 10-11:35) has already taken place.  Everything that we will study thereafter , or next week (Dan 11:36-12:13) will take place at the time of the end.  Before we do that, let’s review the visions we’ve seen thus far…

1st Vision (ch.7): Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, & Antichrist

2nd Vision (ch.8): Persia & Greece (persecution under Antiochus IV)

3rd Vision (ch.9): 70 Weeks leading to Christ (complete restoration)

4th Vision (ch.10-12): Heavenly Messenger, Earthly Kings, & the End

I.  The Bringer of the Vision (10-11:1)

  1. Daniel’s activity in midst of Persian Empire (10:1-4)
  2. A heavenly messenger appears (10:5-10) The context of the message (10:11-14)
  3. Daniel’s reaction and messenger’s consolation (10:15-21)

II.  The Vision Itself (11:2-12:4)

  1. Prophecy about Persia (11:2)
  2. Prophecy about Greece (11:3-4)
  3. Prophecy about Kings of North: Seleucid Empire and Kings of the South: Ptolemaic Empire (11:5-20)
  4. Prophecy about Antiochus Epiphanes (11:21-35)
  5. Prophecy about Antichrist (11:36-45)
  6. Prophecy about the Time of the End (12:1-4)

III.  What to do with the Vision (12:5-13)

  1. The wise shall understand (12:10)
  2. Go your way till the end (12:13)