The Permanency and Present Reality of the Prince of Peace

On December 15th, Chris Haas, the pastor of Down County Baptist in Driftwood, PA filled the pulpit here at Faith.  His sermon text was Isaiah 9, wherein a child was born who would be the Prince of Peace.  I wrote the following devotional in our church bulletin for that day as I meditated on the passage he would preach.  What struck me was “The Permanency and Present Reality of the Prince of Peace.”  In verse 6, He is described as ‘everlasting.’  In verse 7, there will be ‘no end’ to the increase of His government and of peace.  All of this has already come about.

Isaiah writes this prophecy, some 700 years before it finds its fulfillment in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  And 2700 years later you and I can experience this.  Hundreds of years prior to Isaiah’s prophecy, Israel had wanted a king—a more permanent monarch—just as the other nations had, to replace the transient judges that had come and gone before them.  And so, God gave Israel their wish through a line of kings; but it did not have the stabilizing affect they had perhaps hoped for.

What Israel perhaps missed—and what we so often miss—is the fact that God was to rule.  When we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7), our eyes may be opened to see that God has already brought about a permanent solution to not only our eternal problem (i.e.- that our sin has separated us from God), but also our temporary problems (i.e.- the consequences of sin on both a national and individual level).

For the Christian, the promises of Isaiah 9 are already true, even if they are not yet fully realized.  A child has already been born, and a Son has already been given in Jesus.  He already acts as a Wonderful Counselor and has shown Himself to be a Mighty God, and Prince of Peace.  Do you know the sweetness of His counsel?  Do you know the power of His might?  Do you know the peace He has brought to your life even in the chaos of life and of the season?  What Israel has hoped for, you have, Christian Brother and Sister.  It is my prayer that He would have full reign over you, from both now and until forever, and that all rebellion in your heart and mine be crushed.