Are You Making the Best Use of the Time? 3 Questions.

We are told in Ephesians 5:16 to make the best use of the time, to redeem it, or buy it up.  In order to intentionally redeem that time, ask yourself the following questions:

(1) If Jesus were to walk through the door right now would I be okay with Him seeing what I’m doing?  A few weeks back I was setting up the new church computer: hooking up the hardware, loading the software, filling it with all of the files we need; and then I spent literally 5 minutes at the end of the day playing a round of Solitaire.  And that’s when Gordon walked in.  I was embarrassed—so embarrassed that I haven’t touched it since.  What if he thought that’s what I do all day?  Jesus knows what we do all day—He knows the time we waste—but would it not be sobering for us to see Him in the middle of our wasted time?

(2) Is there a way for me to take the desires I have—whether it’s hunting or baking or watching sports—and use that as a means to invite unbelievers to do those things with me, in order that I might have an opportunity to both live out my witness and verbally witness to them?  Redeeming the time doesn’t mean that you have to sit in church 7 days a week.  It means that you are taking whatever it is you’re doing it, & bringing God into the middle of it, seeing all that you do as an act of service to Him.

(3) If I were to look at my bank statement or even a record of the time I’m spending would understanding God’s will, rank high on that list?  Am I in daily communion with Him?  Am I in regular contact with those who don’t know Him?  More importantly do I act as a witness when I’m with them?  Everyone is a witness to whatever it is they love and spend time pouring into.  Oftentimes, diets will have you record the food you eat, so that you will be more conscious of what you eat.  If we kept a record of our time, we might be embarrassed to see how much of it is just going to burn up in heaven.  None of us want to get to heaven and realize, we feel out of place; everyone else here seems to love it; everyone else seems to know what’s going on; but I squandered my life on earth and now I’ve got to start afresh.