Who is Worship For?

I recently read an article from an evangelical music minister entitled, Are We Headed for a Crash?: Reflections on the Current State of Evangelical Worship.   This music minister had recently attended the National Worship Leader Conference. He said it was eye opening in many ways. He had several good things to say, and certainly didn’t see the entire conference in a negative light, but he did express concern over a common, troubling theme. It’s the theme of what he calls ‘performancism.’ In many a church the worship leader is the performer, the congregation is the audience, and the sanctuary is the concert hall.

Now I doubt that we will ever be technically and musically sophisticated enough here at this church to succumb to that problem. Yet, there is perhaps a greater problem that all churches remain susceptible to. That is, the man-centeredness of worship. When worship becomes about us: our needs, our preferences, and our tastes, we have ceased to make God the object of our worship and have replaced Him, with us.

In Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 we come to grips with a God who is there. Sometimes, we come to worship with hardly a thought as to whom we’re worshipping. There may be moments we do not forget in every hour we meet, but for the most part we forget that God is here in our midst. When we’re more about what we get out of our time together—whether it’s good company in the presence of friendly people, or songs we like, or a good message that does something for us (a message that we stand in judgment over)—we forget that God is here. We’re here because God is here.

In Matthew 21, Jesus entered the temple and saw that people had turned it into something that strictly profited them, at the expense of honoring God. Jesus turned over tables, with a zealous and righteous anger for the glory of God. He later went to the cross and became that house of worship (John 2:21). Jesus invites us to come and worship Him. Stop playing church and take up your cross and follow Him: worship Him, love Him, fear Him, and serve Him. Anything less, is for someone less.