Shepherding a Child’s Heart

By Tedd Tripp

The author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp, is an elder at Grace Fellowship Church in Hazelton, Pa. and wrote several books including Preparing Your Teens for College, Instructing Your Child’s Heart, and co-authored Knowable Word: Helping Ordinary people Learn to Study the Bible.  I would recommend all of Tedd Tripp’s books to you, but especially Shepherding a Child’s Heart, a solid book about how to be a biblically faithful parent.   In our day there is so much confusion on the do’s and don’ts of raising children. This is obvious by the amount of parenting books out their all with contradictory advice and information. Many parents would admit that they honestly don’t know how to raise their kids- where do you turn for help?

Tedd Tripp’s book will help you think about parenting from a biblical perspective, helping you understand that merely training your child’s outward behavior is not sufficient. You must learn how to “shepherd” your child’s heart.

Because there are so many different opinions of parenting out there, is important to understanding what God’s word says about parenting. This is why in the first half of the book Tripp deals with “Foundations for Biblical Childrearing”. This includes chapters on teaching your child to have a godward orientation, chapters on authority and obedience, as well as more practical chapters on communication and instructing.

The second half of the book is titled “Shepherding Through the Stages of Childhood”. This section goes through teaching and raising your child as he grows in maturity and Christlikeness from infancy through the teenage years.

This book is a must read for every parent.   Even though I do not yet have children, I was blessed and influenced by the biblical insights that Tripp gave into raising children. Dr. David Powlison is right when he comments, “ Tedd Trip knows what he is talking about and who is talking to. He knows children, he knows parents…and he knows the ways of God. This book teaches you what your goals should be and how to pursue these ends practically. It teaches you how to talk to your children and what to talk about. It will inspire you to become a different kind of parent. This is a masterful book.”

Review written by Pastor Jonathan Ahlgren.

You can buy the book here.