Is God anti-gay? And other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction

By: Sam Allberry

As people living in the 21st century, the issue of homosexuality is most definitely a head turner.  Christians often want to avoid the issue and when it is talked about, there is often much confusion.  Honestly, the church needs help.  Many Christians have taken the easy road out and have affirmed homosexuality as something that is ok.  Others have taken the other way and have only cast shame and judgment without considering how the gospel brings hope.  This problem  makes this book important.  Sam Allberry provides help, truth, and love in a way that no other book on this issue does or can. Allberry knows what he is talking about.  Not merely because he is a Christian, but because same sex attraction (SSA) has affected his life, so he is able to share his story about it.  In other words, this book is not your average Christian telling other Christians how to deal with an issue that has never affected him.  No, this is a man that struggled with this issue biblically because it had a real impact on his life.  This is why Sam Allberry is qualified to give guidance and help to Christians thinking thorough this issue that has affected our generation more than any other.

As a matter of fact, every Christian in our day should read Is God anti-gay.  The issue of homosexuality and SSA is too important to ignore.  There are people in churches all over who struggle with SSA but are afraid to share their struggles.  They end up buried with guilt without anyone to help them think through the topic of sexuality biblically.  Our churches need help.  Churches need to be open about this issue, providing grace always pointing to the gospel.  Sam Allberry is that loving hand and clear voice that says, I’ve been there, let me help you.  Whether you experience same-sex attraction or not, this book will equip you so that you can think biblically on the issue and help yourself, and/or others in need.  I would say that the book is worth its weight in gold, but that would not be saying too much considering that it is so short and small.  The benefit of its short length though, is that is accessible to everyone, including you.

Book Review by Pastor Jonathan Ahlgren

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