It Is Finished

The last thing that Jesus spoke before He breathed his last breath was “It is finished”.  In English, this phrase takes up three words but in the original language, Jesus spoke a single verb which we in English translates “It is finished”.  This word that Jesus spoke before He breathed his last breath, “it is finished,” is an interesting word, because it is not a past tense word such as “It finished”.  It is not a future tense word such as “It will be finished”.  It also is not a present tense word such as “I am finishing”.  It is what we call a perfect tense word. This is hard to translate in English but it is edifying to understand.  A perfect tense action is an action that was completed in the past but has present effects in the present and into the future.  This is the thrust of Jesus’ statement as He dies on the cross.  Two central aspects:

First: The work that I have come to accomplish is done: The wrath of God that sinners deserve is finished being paid for on the cross.  The obedience to the father that He was supposed to do perfectly is done.  No more payment for sin must be bore.  It is finished.

Second: This finished work of redemption has present effects that continue into the future.  The finished work on the cross means, you don’t have to go searching for forgiveness anymore.  You don’t have to work your way to right standing with God! It is finished! Jesus has finished defeating the power and penalty for sin.  You can now walk in newness of life for all the was required is finished on the cross.  As Hebrews 10:14, “By a single offering he (Jesus) has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.”

This changes the way we live life.  There is no longer a need that was not addressed and taken care of as Jesus suffered for us.  Do you need healing?  Jesus says, “It is finished.”  As a sinner, you need forgiveness.  Jesus on the cross says to you who have turned to him in faith, “It is finished.”