Don’t be afraid of Revelation

The Book of Revelation:

  • 1:1-8 Opening and Blessing
  • 1:9-22:9 John’s vision
    • 1:9-2:22 Risen Christ Described and Churches Addressed
    • 4:1-16:21 The Throne Room and the Judgments to the Earth
      • 4:1-5:14 Throne Room
      • 6:1-17 Six Seals of Judgment opened
      • 7:1-17 The Sealing of the Saints in Worship
      • 8:1-5 Final Seal of Judgment Opened
      • 8:6-9:21 Six Trumpets of Judgment Blown
      • 10:1-11:14 Prophetic Witness
      • 11:15-19 Final Trumpet of Judgment Blown
      • 12:1-14:20 Conflict Between Descendent of Eve and Descendent of the Serpent
      • 14:20-16:21 Seven Bowls of Wrath
    • 17:1-22:9 Fall of the Harlot, Return of the King, and Decent of the Bride
  • 22:10-22 Closing and Blessing

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This is a great guide to direct you as you read through the book of Revelation.  Most are intimidated by the book because it uses some figurative language and some strange images.  Don’t be. Keep in mind John’s intention as you read it. The reason John wrote Revelation is to encourage and strengthen God’s people even in difficulty.  The big point of the book is that Jesus wins the victory and in the end, we will be presented to Jesus spotless on the last day if we repent and cling to Him.  This focus comes out clearly for us in the text I am preaching on today, (Revelation 1:9-20) so I will not elaborate much here.

This means when we read Revelation, we don’t need to overthink every little detail and try to fit the different images and events into current events.  People have sought to do this throughout history and it has only distracted from the message Jesus is teaching us. Trying to make obscure connections between the images in Revelation and what is on the news every day is not at all the intention of the book of Revelation.  If the book of Revelation is leading you to search the news to help you understand the book, then you are missing the point.  Revelation should cause you rather to be strengthened as you look forward to the day Jesus comes with the clouds and remain a faithful witness until that day Jesus comes to judge those who do not obey the gospel and gather his people to himself, whether it is today, tomorrow, or after your lifetime.