Two Questions to Ask When Reading the Bible

One important thing that I seek to do as a pastor is help christians read the Bible on your own.  Many christians struggle as they open the Bible to read having trouble understanding what they are supposed to getting from the text.  You may have even asked yourself if it is worth it.  I ran across two helpful questions to ask when reading through the Bible book by book. The main questions that we should ask when reading the scriptures is what does this passage tell me about by fallen condition and how does redemption in Jesus fix it.  This question is so important because this is ultimately what the Bible is all about.  When we begin to ask other questions, we can begin to see the Bible as a book of rules.  When see see the Bible as simply a bunch of regulations, the Gospel hard to find and apply to our lives. Though the Bible does give commands to Christians, the central message of the Bible is redemption in Jesus Christ, let us read the Bible with that in mind.

When we read the Scriptures with a focus on Christ, we will seek to understand the fallen condition that is seen in the the passage and how the text points to the redemption found in Jesus.  This focus does justice to the authors intention which should be the focus of a faithful Christian.  An incorrect way of going about this is by going beyond the authors intention and place our own meaning on the text in order to force it to say something about Jesus. This is not good.  We should always want to discover what the text says about ourselves and Jesus, not what we want it to say.

I pray this helps you as you seek to live a live driven and informed by the Bible.

Also see How we may Read the Scriptures with the Most Spiritual Profit.



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