3 thoughts on “Galatians 3:1-5

  1. Thanks for this . . . Good word. Well preached. I appreciate it. I was particularly hit by the phrase “trying to manipulating God with our obedience” . . . . I found myself thinking about all the “contingencies” God speaks in His word . . . . let’s have a conversation in person. It’s too cumbersome to type it all out. Some time . . . . God bless! Deb


  2. Listening to this a second time, I realize I was applying the statement “manipulating God with our obedience” to the topic of prayer . . . That’s immediately where my mind went and that’s not at all the arena of your message. Sorry . . .


  3. Thank you for giving it a second listen. God does desire that we reason with Him (Isaiah 1:18). In prayer, David even has the boldness to say, “Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!” (Psalm 4:1). I think one of the best demonstrations of the Lord’s lovingkindness and response to our prayers are seen in Abraham’s intercession concerning Sodom (Genesis 18). God does respond to His children (and even His enemies), but He will not be manipulated.


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