Sermon: Wives, Husbands, & the Gospel Ephesians 5:22-33


  • What is submission?
  • What is submission not?
  • What does it mean in v. 23 that the husband is the head of the wife?


  • How are husbands to love their wife?
  • What is the result of this love?

Conclusion– The Gospel is at stake!

Review of the Book of Ephesians

Faith Baptist Church just went through 6 months and 24 weeks on Ephesians.  Here is what we saw in this magnificent letter of Paul’s…

I. Doctrine (1-3)










Introduction: Grace & PeaceSpiritual Blessing: Chosen by the Father

Spiritual Blessing: Redeemed by the Son

Spiritual Blessing: Sealed by the Spirit

Prayer: Thanksgiving

But God (Dead – But God – Alive)

Grace + Nothing = Salvation

One in Christ (Brought near to God by Christ)

A Dwelling Place for God (Our Whole Life as His)

The Mystery of Christ (Gentiles are Fellow Heirs)

Prayer: Strength, Love, and Maturity

II. Behavior (4-6)












Walk Worthy (Humility, Gentleness, Patience, & Love)The Christian’s Unity (Based in God’s Unity, Used in Gifts)

Unity Leads to Maturity

The Old and New Self (Put off the Old, Put on the New)

The Old and New Self in Practice (Put on God-like traits)

Walk in Love, Not Immorality

Walk in Light, Not Darkness

Walk in Wisdom, Not Foolishness

Walk in Relationship: Husbands & Wives

Walk in Relationship: Children & Parents

Walk in Relationship: Slaves & Masters

Holy War (Stand firm in the armor of God)

Conclusion: Prayer, Proclamation, & Postscript

The Resurrection: Enables Us to Stand Firm

In today’s text we look at the armor of God (Eph 6:10-17). Given the fact that it is Resurrection Sunday you might be asking, what does this text have to do with the fact that Jesus is risen? Everything. The entire reason we have the ability to stand firm has to do with Christ being victorious over sin and death. As such, we come ready to do battle.

The first thing we must know is the The Exhortation found in vv.10-13: Stand Firm. The idea here is to keep your position. Do you know what that means? There’s no ground to gain. He’s not asking you to pull back or retreat; He’s not asking you to advance. And that tells us that Christ has already secured our position. And that brings us to the glorious cross and the empty tomb here on Resurrection Sunday. The battle has been won; it belongs to the LORD (2 Chr 10:15). Jesus reigns victorious. Therefore, stand firm. Don’t advance, don’t retreat; keep the position. Hold the line.

The second thing we must know is The Equipment in vv.14-17: The Armor of God. (1) We put on the belt of truth. Just as a belt holds everything together, so too is truth foundational. (2) We put on the breastplate of righteousness. Without it, your witness could be mortally wounded to the point that you’ve got to be taken out of the battle. (3) We put on the shoes of peace, standing firm in the good news. (4) We take up the shield of faith. The enemy wants to create mayhem and destruction and fear among us to bring us down. And he will be on the attack. Your faith is going to get you through it. If you lose faith, the battle is done. (5) We take up the helmet of salvation. A helmet can be a confidence builder. Salvation will give you confidence to do bold things for God, for you know that nothing can separate you from the love of God. (6) Take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The fight has come to our door. How will we repel it? —By knowing and living and sharing God’s Word. When Satan tempts us to sin, remember that Christ has paid for it, arisen victorious, giving us the ability, by the power of His Spirit, through the appropriation of His Word, to go and sin no more.

Are You Hoping for Partiality?

In today’s text (Ephesians 6:5-9), we are told to ‘obey (or serve) others, as we would Christ.’ We’re also told ‘there is no partiality with Him—with God.’ Are you hoping for partiality? In the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the heroine of the film gets stuffed into a basket and kidnapped away from her hero friend, Indiana Jones. And as she’s being carried away, she says this: “You can’t do this to me, I’m an American.” It’s a funny line that adds some humor in a rapid-fire, action-packed scene. But I want us to consider what it was she said. I’ve had the opportunity to both live and visit other countries, and this kind of privileged-American mentality seems to be everywhere I go. We live in one of the most prosperous and blessed countries this world has ever seen. Even our poor are relatively well to do by other countries’ standards. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Ugly American.’ It’s in the dictionary. It’s an American who behaves offensively abroad. Part of the ugliness may stem from a sense of entitlement and privilege. I’m an American; we’re the best; I get special privileges.

Now I can’t imagine that anyone here would take this kind of attitude with them overseas. But do we have this sense of entitlement here at home? “I deserve. I need. I’m supposed to get.” My kids like the movie, Emperor’s New Groove. The movie centers around the a character named Kuzco, a South American emperor who acts like the whole world revolves around him. At one point someone says to him, “All you care about is you.” To which he replies, “Yeah. Me. Everyone else in the kingdom gets it. You’re the only one that doesn’t seem to be with the program.” Now none of us would be this blatant in stating our sense of entitlement, yet, we move through life thinking we deserve better. And what God would have us know is that there is no partiality with Him. He doesn’t care where you’ve come from, or what you’ve got, so long as you live in obedience to Him. Do you live and work like a Christian: expecting nothing in return other than the grace of God? No entitlement; no partiality; all grace. Obey and serve those in authority over you as you would Christ.

Resources for Parents and Children

In today’s text (Eph 6:1-4) we’re told to bring up our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  If your children (young and old) and grandchildren get only one thing from you, I pray that it is faithful biblical instruction.  There is nothing they need more.  Below are some resources for parents, grandparents or anyone who’s around kids (that’s you) that we’ve found helpful.  Talk to me if you would like to look into one of these.

The Action Bible by Doug Mauss & Sergio CarielloA comic book style Bible for kids 3 to 12 (I love it too); Parents might also learn stories they’re unfamiliar with.
Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas (Book & Video)What if one of God’s primary intentions for you as a parent isn’t about successfully raising perfect children, but about becoming more holy?
Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd TrippSolid, biblical help for parents on how to speak to the heart of your child.  One of our favorites!
Everyday Talk by John YountzTalking freely and naturally about God with your children (Deuteronomy 6).
Peacemaking for Families by Ken SandeA biblical guide to managing conflict in your home.
ApParent Privilege by Steve WrightProvides biblical understanding and the latest research to encourage you in the unparalleled opportunity you have to be the primary influencer.