Sermon: The Wise & The Fool 1 Samuel 25

  1. The Request of David v. 4-8
  1. The Response of Nabal v. 9-11
  1. The Reaction of David v.12-17
  1. The Reverence of Abigail v. 18-31
  1. The Renewal of David v. 32-35
  1. The Retribution of God v. 36-38

Sermon: Embrace God’s King 1 Samuel 23

  1. God’s anointed deliverer is betrayed by his own people but delivered by the Lord
  2. True Foolishness is expressed in rejecting God’s king
  3. True Wisdom is expressed in embracing God’s king.

Sermon: God’s Unbreakable, Neverending, Indestructible Salvation Romans 8:28-30

8:28- The Promise


8:29-30- The Foundation

those whom He foreknew

He also predestined

He also called

He also justified

He also glorified




*The introductory illustration of a building’s foundation found here.

Sermon: We Suffering in Hope Romans 8:18-25

Main Point- Eternal Glory Makes Temporary Suffering Worth It. (v. 18)


  1. Creation groans IN HOPE (v. 19-22)


  1. We groan IN HOPE (v. 23)


  1. Therefore, we wait in perseverance. (v. 24-25)