Sermon: Romans 8:12-14 Therefore We are Debtors

  1. We are debtors to God
  2. We are not debtors to our flesh
  3. If sin controls us, we die in Hell
  4. If by the spirit we slay sin, we live forever
  5. If we are sons of God we will slay sin by the spirit.

Sermon: You are Different Romans 8:9-11

If you are a Christian, you are different because:

  1. You have experienced spiritual resurrection
  2. You have new Ownership
  3. You will experience physical resurrection.

Sermon: The Transformative Nature of Regeneration from Romans 8:5-8

Main Point: Conversion is an act of God whereby we go from being dead in the flesh to being alive in the Spirit.

  1. Regeneration Transforms Our Mind
  1. Regeneration Brings Life & Peace
  1. Regeneration Brings Obedience


What We are Doing at Faith

We are in a time of transition with Bible study and teaching so I would like to take a minute to lay out what the plan is.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk to me.

  • Sunday Worship: Romans 8– As you may have noticed, I am taking a break from Samuel and we are diving into Romans 8. This chapter of the Bible is central to the Christian life.  Take time each week to read the chapter before Sunday and begin to meditate on it.  This will make the sermon easier to follow and apply to your life.
  • Sunday School: Mark– Sunday school will be basic and simple. Mark is one of the simplest books of the Bible and it is a great place to go as a new believer or when doing evangelism and discipleship.  I desire to equip you to understand the gospel presented in the book of Mark and be able to use it when talking and meeting with others.
  • Wednesday Night: Daniel– There is much curiosity accompanied by confusion concerning the end of all things.  It is hard to find a topic that is more intriguing for people yet at the same time more daunting than eschatology (the study of end times). For this reason we will be going through the book of Daniel starting this Wednesday.
  • One-on-one: First Steps for New Disciples- I am currently going through a five-week study one-on-one with some of you and would love to sit down individually with more of you for this basic discipleship study.


God is good, and His Word is sufficient to transform and equip us.  I look forward to seeing how God sanctifies us through the teachings and discussions.